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LATEST NEWS - TASMAN HISTORIC EASTERN CREEK (SMP) 28 - 30 Nov 2014 - Tom's tiny hiccup!



Apart from a tiny hiccup on lap 1 Saturday morning qualifying when a bottom front suspension arm caused problems resulting in Tom not doing any qualifying laps or racing on Saturday so as result he was relegated to start from the back of the grid once the problem was repaired for Sunday's first race.

Race 1 - Saturday afternoon DNS

Race 2 - Sunday … Tom started back of grid after two DNS's (did not start) in a field of 15 x F5000's including SIX cars from New Zealand who were at Sandown three weeks ago the fastest being NZ Champion Ross and runner up Proctor both of whom are excellent and seasoned experienced drivers and are in Australia to try and beat Tom amongst other things.

When the starters lights went out Tom erupted from last place and was already more than half way up the field before the end of lap 1 and continued passing cars sometimes two at a time until he reached a very hard trying Proctor who was leading on lap 5. They sparred for about half a lap until Tom squeezed past on turn 3 when Proctor jumped on the power a little too early and creating wheelspin and from thereon Tom just disappeared in the lead winning by 12 seconds in the 9 lap race. Proctor (March) was 2nd, Ross (McRae) 3rd followed by Melbourne's Zazryn who had repaired his Lola T332 from his big Sandown shunt three weeks beforehand and the rest of the mixed Kiwi/Oz field also with a couple of retirements for various reasons.

Race 3 - Tom was on pole position with Proctor next, Ross, Zazryn and the rest and he easily got to turn one first but the track was damp from earlier rain and all but Tom seemed to be making heavy going in the slippery conditions loosing time and having an occasional spin but Tom forged on at ''full noise'' seemingly not bothered by the conditions which worsened in the middle of the race with another light downpour. Soon the track dried in most places and Tom won from Proctor by an immense 1 min 17 seconds over 10 x laps and Zazryn who had spun was 3rd followed by Kiwi Greer then Ross who had also had a spin. Tom picked up the Kevin Bartlett Trophy but the rain had returned and the race meeting came to a wet close not long after… in the end another great weekend for Tom and Johno Masala our great mechanic of many years. Also a special mention to Wayne Smith engine builder whose brilliant engine has now completed 8 x meetings without even changing a spark plug but will now be checked just in case … all good!

The season continues with 3 x F5000 Rounds commencing in New Zealand's North Island in January and it is anticipated around six of the Australian cars will be there to take on all of the Kiwi contingent but regretfully Tom's car is due for an engine freshen up and it won't be ready in time to be loaded into the containers and be shipped next week. However he and father had words with a Kiwi team whilst at Eastern Creek over the weekend and they might have access to a good F5000 and their suggestion was Tom maybe does one or two race meetings in January with them in this car providing the owner agrees so … watch this space!!!



PS: Tom is racing our Van Dieman RF86 Formula Ford at Bathurst Feb 2015 as part of the 12 indurance event which will be televised.

For more information about Tom head to or search for 'Team Tom - Tom Tweedie Motorsport' on Facebook.









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