MEDIA RELEASE - For immediate Release - February 17, 2013






Tom is in the blue car and the other front running historic Formula Ford is Mark Lowing's white Reynard who has become Tom's main rival in historic FFord racing so check out race 2 and an absolute spell binder with lots of thrilling passing and wheel to wheel outbraking action especially between these two ... and we won't tell you who was the winner so you will have to tune in and turn your sound on.

It will be necessary to fast forward about the first 1/4 of the video to beat the advertising and there will be a couple of recording glitches along the way so jump the curser on the bottom a tiny bit so don't miss the action of these two hard chargers racing against the latest model Formula Ford cars up to 26 years younger and far more aerodynamic although they all run identical Kent 1600 cc 116 bhp motors and most achieve around 245 kms/hour down Conrod straight ... good racing and the video says it all!

IBC Motorsport - Team Tom has been held up with some incorrect USA engine parts to complete the Chevron F5000 rebuild but we hope to be on the track early April for initial testing/shakedown.



For more information about Tom head to or search for 'Team Tom - Tom Tweedie Motorsport' on Facebook.









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